The Background

The Roller Rapper was inspired by The Documentary Skatin’ 66”. The Roller Rapper originally started as a sort of joke as Robby Love and his neighbor Jimmy Barton and his bandmates were sitting around Jimmy’s condo joking about forming a band and touring the country on roller skates.  

A few chords later and everyone was singing here comes Robby Love.  It was to be the theme song for the skating journey. Only thing was the guys didn’t realize that Robby was serious.  After the song was produced, the next idea was to make a music video so it could be played in cities prior to the arrival.  Since Robby was living in South Florida it was perfect to do some scenes down on Miami’s South Beach. So the zany Roller Rapper video was produced.  At Editech Production Studios in Miami.  The owner Eric Tausch, was also doing some production for Lee Gatch,  the head of Harry Casey’s management Company. Lee thought it was fresh and signed Robby to a management contract.    

    When the video was finished Lee sent the video to IFILM (predecessor to  You Tube) and the video became the number one viewed pop video.  It was even featured on the TV show Attack of the Show. No one in the team was really sure what they had but the video named Roller Rapper was the number one viewed pop video in the world for ten straight days.   Thats when Robby was nicknamed the Roller Rapper.

The idea of the tour was to perform in roller skating rinks as Robby skated his was across the country.  As the ideas of the possibilities of what the tour could be developed as he made his way across America, The team decided to raise further attention and do something good for charity. The choice for charity was  St Jude Children’s Cancer Research. This was a natural fit because Robby was a generous person and liked the idea of making it more personal then just about raising money. He obtained permission to visit Children’s hospitals along the way and entertain children that were having some hard times and see if he could add some sunshine to their days.  

    Why do all of this and not film it?  So Robby hired a film crew to document the journey.  They drove to Chicago, the beginning of Route 66 and made their debut in Children Memorial Hospital.  The experience was something Robby or anyone on the crew could have ever expected.  These kids really reacted to his presence. Many have lived their entire lives in the hospital. As one mom said “it has been six months since I've seen my child smile, Thank You Robby.”  He could feel the love and joy that was coming from the children. Seeing how appreciative they were for him made him realize that he should be more appreciative for his life. But soon Robby realized he wasn’t giving to the kids, but  they were giving to him. He was starting to grow and gain new insights to who he was and whats is really important in life.  There was a healing process that was taken place both to the children and to Robby.  Robby was starting to learn what the concept of unconditional love meant. 

The film crew decided that this would be the theme of the tour. Since Love was Robby’s last name it seemed fitting.  As the crew continued skating across the country the crew decided to interview people and ask what they thing about the idea of unconditional love.  Was it destiny, or shear coincidence it was coincidence but each time Robby would stop a person on the street and interview them,  they would share amazing stories of the things that they are doing to spread love and their ideas of on how to make the world a more kinder and gentler place.  The tour quickly changed from a rock n roll tour to one with a mission to use entertainment as the means to promote the concept of people being kind to people once again. The idea became lets skate to Hollywood and get the entertainment producers to pay attention to the idea of providing positive entertainment, and less sex and violence. Maybe if Hollywood could use its world wide influence and promote the concept of people being kind to one another again, with the expectations of nothing in return, maybe the world could become a much more compassionate and who knows, maybe it could be the start to having world peace. 

    When Robby got to Hollywood, he received much attention and fanfare. Quickly it seemed as if many doors were about to open for him.  He was being asked to make appearances and decide to accept the invitation to be on the reality show Million Matchmaker.  This seemed like a perfect venue to spread his idea of unconditional love on a television show that was centered about finding love with money.  He agreed to be on the show with the condition that his date would be the premier of the film Skatin’ 66.  After the show, Robby mat with many agents, lawyers, and managers who tried to steer his career. 

Mostly they didn’t see the vision and would tell him that his ideas were too nice, and Hollywood was not selling this kind of content now..It needed to be more edgy and have more conflicts.  Basically the idea of people being kind to one another for no reason just wasn’t sexy enough. 

Robby didn’t want to sell out. He realized that he needed to repackage his ideas. He realized that super heroes weren’t edgy and positive role models and look how successful they are. Superman and Spider Man have lasted through the ages. So what if this super hero wasn’t fighting fantastic villains but instead took on something even more sinister, the fall of the human race due to the lack of caring and love for their fellow man.  The villain is really society and the media outlets and those that influence them most.  If this super hero could become as famous as Spider Man, then soon the concept of being kind to others unconditionally might become cool and the norm rather then the rare exception.  Instead of people posting videos online of people getting beat up, the videos that were getting he most views were the ones where people were being kind to one another.