About Us


Sheik is a brilliant murialist and tattoo artist that was discovered at a wrestling show at a Sports Mall in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  

The chance counter happened when Robert overheard Sheik showing someone his drawings.  When Robert saw the drawings he knew he found someone special.  Robert shared with Sheik the story of the Roller Rapper.  

Sheiks pure excitement about the project made Robert understand he had found the right person to illustrate the story.  Robert wanted something extraordinary and waited for that person to present himself.  He knew he could hire someone but art done for money is usually different than art done for passion.  At the time Sheik was on hard times and needed some rent money.  Robert advanced Sheik some money and agreed to pay Sheik every time he delivered artwork.

Hand-Drawn Color Pencil Illustrations

Over the next two years Sheik would provide enough drawings to complete the graphic novel.

What makes these illustrations even more special is that all of the drawings were done with color pencils except for the cover which was airbrushed.  

There are no computer drawings in this book. 100% hand drawn.